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Experienced and multinational staff will support wholeheartedly 



6 Years at TAS

Live in Japan for 9 years. Loves Traveling, Holidays are filled with traveling. Flower Lovers and If you want to know about Instragramable spots, don't hesitate to contact me!

Language : Vietnamese, English, Japanese

Fang Fang

7 years at TAS

Live in Japan for 10 years and loves visiting cafes and museums.
Interested in Japanese culture and want to introduce cultural experiences other than travel

Languange : Chinese, English, Japanese



7 years at TAS

​Has lived in Burkina Faso, South Africa and the UK. Mother of 2 children, will offer a tour that you can enjoy with your family.

Languages : Japanese, English, French, Mossi (Burkina Faso)



5 years at TAS
Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido
After living abroad for 4 years, I want to experience the mysterious beauty of Japan again.
To the world I've never seen!!

Languages : Japanese, English, Korean


4 Years at TAS

Dream of traveling around Japan. Love the mountains and eat Japanese especially Sushi, Yakiniku.

Languages : Indonesian, Japanese, English

Mas Nao

6 Years at TAS
​Guitarist who loves photography
Visited the area on weekends for photo shoots.
Japan-wide tour arrangements? I'm the Expert!!

Languages : Indonesian, Japanese, English


Inbound = TAS

Specialist in Japan Land arrangement

TAS Co.,Ltd. or Tokyo Asean Service is a pioneer and leading inbound travel Japan has been established since 1979 and is chosen by millions of people in the world. We handle guests from Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries as well as Europe, America and the Middle East.

We will arrange the tour content according to customer wishes and requests.


We can also arrange tours for business trips, government agencies, and can be adjusted to customer needs 


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