"One Day Tour" Chiba.


​※Photo is imagination.

Noumizo Waterfalls

Departure                : Tokyo Station


Tour Guide              : Included (English)

Meals                       : Not Included

Transport & Driver : Included

Price                        : JPY

Tour Contents : 

  1. Noumizo Waterfalls and Kameiwa Caves

  2. Mother Farm

  3. Country Farm Tokyo German Village

  4. Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu

  5. Umihotaru

Contact Person
(WhatApp /
VIBER / Text Only) : +81 80- 3292 - 6254【Mr. Yusuke】(WhatApp / VIBER / Text Only) : +81 90 - 7219 - 4492【Mr. Nao】  



・Noumizo Waterfalls and Kameiwa Caves       

The cave, which is more of an arch embracing a cascading waterfall gained fame when an Instagram photo of the heart-shaped spectacle went viral in 2015. Since then, it’s become a popular tourist attraction.

・Mother Farm (Ticket Included)

Mother Farm, or Mother Bokujo, is one of Chiba's most popular destinations, especially for kids. Located right in the center of the Boso Peninsula , it is a wide-open area full of animals, activities, and great views of the Boso Hills.

Noumizo Waterfalls
Mother Farm

・Country Farm Tokyo German Village (Ticket Included)

Country Farm Tokyo German Village opened in 2001 in Sodegaura City. The hilly terrain of Sodegaura City resembles that of the German countryside, and provided the inspiration for the park's theme.

Country Farm Tokyo German Village

・Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu

The beautiful views here are just like a tropical resort. Enjoy your shopping vacation at Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu, one of the largest outlets in Japan.

Mitsui Outlet Kisarazu

★ Itinerary 

※(Meet at least 15 minutes before departure)                    
08:00頃発  Tokyo Station.

09:45頃 Noumizo Waterfalls and Kameiwa Caves

11:00頃  Mother Farm (Ticket Included)

13:30頃 Country Farm Tokyo German Village (Ticket Included)

16:00頃  Mitsui Outket Kisarazu

18:00頃  Umihotaru

20:00頃着 Tokyo Station.


★ Terms and Condition

Tour included                      : All expenses according to Itinerary (Bus, Hotel, Tour Guide, etc)
Tour not included                : Personal expenses, All expenses that not included on Tour
Meals                                  : as mention on Itinerary.
Child Fare                           : Under 5 (Five) years, discount JPY 500 / person. Over 6 (six years) adult price.
Tour Guide                          : English Speaking
Date of depature                 : as mention on schedule.
Date of arrival                     : as mention on schedule.
Bus Company                     : Heisei Enterprise Group Bus.


【Guiding, Cancellation Fee, Notes, Place of Departure】

※ Please make sure to confirm

  • About Reservations and Tours

  1. Reservations will be accepted no later than 17:00 JST the day before departure. (Unless there is a change).

  2. If the number of participants is less than the minimum number, or if the service cannot be operated due to unavoidable circumstances such as a disaster or accident, the trip may be cancelled.

  3. We can change or cancel the tour within 3 (Three) days (13 days if there is accommodation), counting from the day before the start of the trip.

  4. If you make a reservation via the Internet, we will send all the information by email. There is no delivery confirmation by post.

  • ​Guidance
    We make spring, fall, snow tour based on the previous year, there may be different for best time to see spring, fall, snow according to weather condition.

  • Cancellation
    20% of the tour price, starting from 20 ~ 8 days before the start date of the tour.
    (*Tour "One day" 20% of tour price from 10~8 days in advance)
    30% of the tour price, starting from 7 days to 2 days before the start date of the tour.
    40% of the tour price, the day before the start date of the tour.
    50% of the tour price before the start of the trip
    100% of the trip price after the start of the trip

      Cancellation fees also apply for delays and non-participation due to transportation delays.

  • Notes

  1. The bus leaves on time, so be sure to meet up 15 minutes before departure.

  2. We will adjust the size of the bus according to the number of participants.

  3. Scheduled times and itinerary are subject to change depending on weather and road conditions. In case of significant delays during traffic jams, we may cancel one of the attractions/itinerary.

  • About safety and security efforts
    In order to prevent infection and spread of the virus, below are the conditions for joining this tour, please check again.
    ① Always wear a mask on the bus..
    To prevent heatstroke (熱中症), keep a distance from people outside and remove the mask as appropriate.
    ② We have sterilized the bus with alcohol, please disinfect your hands regularly.
    ③ Please cooperate by applying etiquette when coughing and sneezing to prevent the spread.
    ④ Please cooperate to continue to apply "social distancing" during the trip.
    ⑤ Do not interact with people who are infected or have symptoms of the COVID-19 virus for 14 days prior to departure.
    ⑥ There is no history of travel abroad in the 14 days prior to departure.
    ⑦ Take temperature measurements before participating in the trip, and make sure there is no symptoms such as fever, cough, or sore throat.

  • Fever Treatment
    When checking body temperature, we measure with a thermometer.
    ※) Please do not join the tour if the temperature is 37.5 degrees or higher.
    If a participant is found with a temperature of 37.5 degrees, we ask to change the tour schedule or refund the tour fee by 50% (before the tour starts)
    ※) It is possible that we check body temperature at every facility visited according to the request of the destination.
                     Participants who have a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher after starting the Tour will be asked to leave the group at that time, with no refund of the tour fee. Transportation costs from the place to the house are also the responsibility of the participant.


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